eCAL 5.10.2#


# Changes

- Fixed a bug that would prevent SHM compatibility with future eCAL Versions (5.11 and up)
- Fixed a bug in Shared Memory Layer where a timeout would cause the memfile to be not observed any more. Also now a steady clock is used for that timeout computation (it was the non-steady eCAL::Time before)
- Fixed a compile issue with gcc12
- Fixed compatibility with latest protobuf
- Fixed multiply defined symbols bug in measurement API (thanks to @patrick-fleischmann-conti)
- Fixed some race conditions and minor bugs

- The GUI now shows an error dialog, when creating eCAL subscribers fails (e.g. due to the open-file-descriptor-limit)

- The Windows installer is now (self-) signed

eCAL 5.10.2 is patch-level equivalent to eCAL 5.9.10