eCAL 5.12.1#


# Changelog

- Fixed a bug in the un-registration feature of publishers / subscribers (#1197)
- Fixed a bug that caused callbacks receiving wrong data for zero-length-messages being sent over SHM (#1203)
- Fixed a bug that caused SHM Acks not recovering after the timeout had been reached once (#1207)
- Code cleanup of Add / Remove Datawriter connection logic (#1216)
- Added more logging for SHM Memfile creation / handling (#1225)
- Fixed a bug that prevented processes to receive SHM data again, when they had undsubscribed from the topic earlier. For that, a new ownership flag was assigned to eCAL Events. The bug did not affect Windows. (#1222)
- Prevented showing eCAL internal deprecation warnings when compiling eCAL (#1226)

- Fixed a bug that caused datasets not being closed properly, when zero-size data had been read from them (#1211)

- Fixed a Documentation build issue by explicitely defining the sphinxcontrib-youtube version (#1202)
- Added workaround for fixing a bug in the termcolor library, that prevented compiling with GCC 13 (#1228)

- Fixed a typo in GUI (#1201)

- Mon TUI now supports ftxui 5.0.0 (#1188)

_eCAL 5.12.1 is patch-level equivalent to eCAL 5.11.6_