eCAL 5.5.2#


eCAL v5.5.2:

* core
  * communication layer reduced to eCAL inproc, eCAL shm, eCAL udp multicast and Iceoryx
    * fastrtps layer removed
    * lcm layer removed
    * udp unicast layer removed
    * eCAL metal layer removed
* monitoring
  * ecal core initialization state shown in monitor
  * loaded time plugin name and state shown in monitor
* ecal player
  * command line handling improved
  * gui minor fixes
* bugfixes
  * eCAL:CTimer bugfix in loop time calculation
  * use system_clock instead steady_clock if time plugin handling failed or not configured
  * wrong host id calculation based on installed network adapters fixed
  * python eCAL service fixed (#39) - thanks @JeremyBYU
* improvements
  * eCAL:CTimer improved precision
  * unit tests added