eCAL 5.8.10


eCAL 5.8.10#


# Changes

- Core:
  - Enabled time-modules for QNX
  - Fixed compile issue with gcc 11
  - Fixed compile issue when compiling with protobuf 3.16
  - Fixed memory leak in client-server interface
  - When copying a file, eCAL now properly closes file descriptors on linux

- Play:
  - Fixed bug that prevented channel mappings with spaces from being loaded
- Rec:
  - Uploading to internal FTP Server now properly creates the directory structure if necessary
  - Fixed potential deadlock in ecal_rec_client
  - Fixed Blacklist / Whitelist dialog in Rec GUI
- Sys:
  - Relative paths are now handled properly, when a working directory is used
    (prepend ./ before your executable, just like you are starting from a linux bash)

eCAL 5.8.10 is patch-level equivalent to eCAL 5.7.14.