eCAL 5.8.12


eCAL 5.8.12#


# Changes

- Core:
  - Fixed multiple bugs in Npcap integration (Faulty IP fragment reassembly, memory leak)
  - Updated Npcap SDK and Pcap++
  - Fixed bug that could cause the eCAL receive-thread to shut down on faulty UDP traffic
  - Fixed 0-publish-frequency when sending empty protobuf messages

- Build:
  - Fixed RelWithDebInfo and MinSizeRel mode for Qt
  - Support linking statically against HDF5 (Don't use this unless absolutely necessary!)

- Release:
  - Added ecal-fat-source.tar.gz archive that contains the eCAL Source and all git submodules

eCAL 5.8.12 is patch-level equivalent to eCAL 5.7.15