eCAL 5.8.4#


# Attention!

DO NOT USE THIS RELEASE! It was accidentally created in a wrong way (tagged on the master branch). Please use 5.8.5 instead.

# Changes

- Core:
  - Possible division by zero fixed

- Player:
  - Clicking on the time-slider now properly leads to a jump to the selected time

- Python:
  - Python binding for Windows contains all required dlls
  - Python binding for Windows does not care about the exact protobuf version any more
  - Python binding is now built as proper .whl
  - Wheels for multiple python Versions are now provided on Windows
- Build:
  - Unix systems now automatically detect whether they need to explicitely link libatomic (neede on some 32 bit arm plattforms)

- Samples:
  - Samples can now be built standalone without changing their CMakeLists.txt

# Known Issues

Despite the changelog stating that the Python wheel for Windows contains all required .dll files, those files are installed to a wrong location. The python wheels for Windows are installable, but do not work. The issue is fixed in eCAL 5.8.5.

Linux versions are not affected.