eCAL 5.8.7#


# Changes

- Recorder
  - Fixed rare FTP Upload bug (by updating fineftp-server)

- Sys
  - Removed that horrible legacy code that tried to read the Window layout from the ecalsys file. It is not used any more, but caused issues.

- Core
  - Fixed issues with other ASIO versions (Now ASIO symbols are not exported by ecal_core and ecal_core_c any more)

- Python
  - Renamed python binding to ecal5, to avoid conflicts with existing (non-eCAL related) ecal python package from pypi

# Ubuntu-PPA

- Builds for Hirsute (Ubuntu 21.04) are available
- python binding is now included in the PPA: `sudo apt install python3-ecal5`
- [Check out the PPA](