eCAL 5.9.0#


# Changes

- Core:
  - Added async support to TcpClient
  - Added support for iceoryx 1.0.0

- Player:
  - Reduced GUI update speed when not replaying a measurement

- Monitor:
  - Added command line option to ecal_rec to stop after a certain amount of messages (-C)

- Recorder:
  - Added ecal_rec_cli (A fully featured command-line based recorder that can also remote-control other recorders)
  - Added "Explore to..." context menu option in the measurement list (GUI)
  - Added some command-line options to ecal_rec_gui

- Sys:
  - Added a command-preview in the GUI (so you can see what a task will be evaluated to)

- General:
  - Improved compatibility with Qnx
  - Improved compatibility with FreeBSD
  - Fixed many compiler warnings
  - Updated tclap to 1.2.4

- Build:
  - Improved Qt5 autodetection on Windows
  - Added support for Innosetup 6
  - Fixes for Cross-compilation
eCAL 5.9.0 is patch-level equivalent to eCAL 5.8.13