eCAL Rec Client


ecalrec_APP_ICON_h1 eCAL Rec Client#

The eCAL Rec Client is a command-line style application that gets remote controlled by an eCAL Rec Host Application (i.e. eCAL Rec GUI or eCAL Rec CLI). Start this application on all machines that shall record topics in a distributed recording scenario.


Usually you will not need to manually control the eCAL Rec Client, as eCAL Rec CLI provides all the same features and more; it basically has a built-in eCAL Rec Client.



   ecal_rec_client  [-b <seconds>] [--blacklist <list>] [--whitelist
                    <list>] [-f <list>] [--addons <list>] [-r]
                    [--connect-to-ecal] [-d <path>] [-n <directory>]
                    [--max-file-size <megabytes>] [--description <string>]
                    [--list-addons] [--] [--version] [-h]


   -b <seconds>,  --pre-buffer <seconds>
     Pre-buffer data for some seconds

   --blacklist <list>
     Record all topics except the listed ones (Comma separated list, e.g.:

   --whitelist <list>
     Only record these topics (Comma separated list, e.g.: "Topic1,Topic2")

   -f <list>,  --hosts <list>
     Only record a topic when it is published by any of these hosts
     (Comma-separated list, e.g.: "Computer1,Computer2")

   --addons <list>
     Enables the given recorder addons (Comma-separated list, e.g.:

   -r,  --record
     Directly start a recording. Make sure to set all necessary parameters.

     Directly connect to eCAL.

   -d <path>,  --meas-root-dir <path>
     Root dir used for recording when --record is set.

   -n <directory>,  --meas-name <directory>
     Name of the measurement, when --record is set. This will create a
     folder in the directory provided by --meas-root-dir.

   --max-file-size <megabytes>
     Maximum file size of the recording files, when --record is set.

   --description <string>
     Description stored in the measurement folder, when --record is set.

     Lists addons and exit.

   --,  --ignore_rest
     Ignores the rest of the labeled arguments following this flag.

     Displays version information and exits.

   -h,  --help
     Displays usage information and exits.

   eCAL Recorder