eCAL 5.11#

eCAL 5.11 was released in Nobember 2022. The release contains the eCAL Mon TUI, the eCAL Meas Cutter and the SHM Monitoring Layer.

  • Release: December 2022

  • End of life: March 2024 (after 13 Month)

New features#

  • New Apps:

    • Mon TUI (ecal_mon_tui) - An htop-like eCAL Monitor running in a terminal

      eCAL Rec dark mode
    • Measurement Cutter (ecal_meas_cutter) for trimming and cutting eCAL Measurements (-> Documentation)

  • eCAL Rec can now record each topic to its own file

  • Added Shared-Memory-Monitoring-Layer (experimental, enable via ecal.ini!). This new monitoring layer can locally match publishers and subscribers and distribute monitoring information without the need for UDP Multicast.

  • GUI Apps now start in dark-mode by default

  • Setup for Windows now supports non-admin installations

  • Check out the entire 5.11.0 changelog!.

Compatibility table#

eCAL 5.11 vs. 5.10#

Wire compatibility

  • eCAL UDP: 100% compatible

  • eCAL TCP: 100% compatible

  • Services: 100% compatible

  • eCAL Shared Memory: Downwards compatible to eCAL 5.10 and eCAL 5.9

    The eCAL header of the eCAL SHM file has been expanded. Old eCAL versions contain a bug that will prevent them to read the new memfile header. This bug has been fixed in eCAL 5.10.2 and 5.9.10; those versions will just ignore the new settings and communicate nevertheless.

    eCAL versions 5.8 and earlier will unfortunatelly fail to receive SHM data from eCAL 5.11 publishers.

    The SHM Monitoring layer has been added in eCAL 5.11 and can therefore not be used with any older eCAL version.


  • API is downward compatible.

  • ABI is not compatible


  • Rec: Downwards compatible (The new one-file-per-channel option has been added)

    • .ecalrec files now contain the new setting and will be upgraded

    • Old ecal_rec_clients will ignore the setting

  • Sys: 100% compatible

  • Measurements: 100% compatible

Where to download#

  • Windows: Head to the Download Archive and pick your version from there!

  • Ubuntu: Install eCAL from our PPA with apt-get (or pick a Version from the download archive as well)