eCAL 5.13#

eCAL 5.13 was released in March 2024.

  • Release: March 2024

  • End of life: March 2025 (planned)

New features#

Compatibility table#

eCAL 5.13 vs. 5.12#

Wire compatibility

  • eCAL UDP: 100% compatible

  • eCAL TCP: 100% compatible

  • Services: 100% compatible (New protocol, but downwards and upwards compatible)

    eCAL 5.13 introduces a new protocol that fixes issues of the old protocol. Both protocols (v0 and v1) are supported and nodes agree on the best supported protocol before establishing a connection.

    When communicating with old nodes (eCAL 5.12 and older), the faulty v0 protocol is used.

  • eCAL Shared Memory: 100% compatible

  • eCAL Registration Layer: 100% compatible

    New fields have been added to support the new service protocol.


  • API: downwards compatible.

    A lot of deprecations were added. Users should make sure to only use non-deprecated API and files in order to later make upgrading to eCAL 6 easier. Deprecations can be found in this document

  • ABI: not compatible


The GUI Tools now support being compiled against Qt6. Official Windows builds are now shipped with Qt 6.6 by default. Therefore, custom eCAL Mon Plugins for Windows have to be re-compiled with Qt 6.6 as well.

  • Rec: 100% compatible

  • Sys: 100% compatible

  • Measurements: 100% compatible

Where to download#

  • Windows: Head to the Download Archive and pick your version from there!

  • Ubuntu: Install eCAL from our PPA with apt-get (or pick a Version from the download archive as well)