eCAL 5.8#

eCAL 5.8 was released in August 2021. The release notably contains the new application eCAL Sys.

  • Release: December 2020.

  • End of life: May 2022 (after 17 months).

New features#

  • Added eCAL Sys, an application for managing startups and montioring your applications

  • Proper support for Ubuntu Multiarch directories

  • Check out the entire 5.8.0 changelog!.

Compatibility table#

eCAL 5.8 vs. 5.7#

Wire compatibility

  • eCAL UDP: 100% compatible

  • Services: 100% compatible

  • eCAL Shared Memory: 100% compatible


  • API is downward compatible

  • ABI is not compatible


  • Rec: Not compatible. Some features may work, but many won’t.

  • Sys: New in 5.8

  • Measurements: 100% compatible

Additional notes

  • On Ubuntu, the official builds changes the lib dirs to the proper multiarch lib dirs.

  • On Ubuntu the location of ecal.ini changed to /etc/ecal/ecal.ini

  • On Windows, the location of ecal.ini changed to C:\ProgramData\eCAL\ecal.ini

Where to download#

  • Windows: Head to the Download Archive and pick your version from there!

  • Ubuntu: Install eCAL from our PPA with apt-get (or pick a Version from the download archive as well)