eCAL 5.9#

eCAL 5.9 was released in August 2021. The release notably contains the eCAL Rec command line Application.

  • Release: August 2021

  • End of life: December 2022 (After 16 months)

New features#

  • An awesome ecal_rec command line application, that let’s you record data from command line and remote-control other eCAL recorders!

  • Async Services (Some technical stuff deep inside the core that is needed by rmw_ecal. So this is the version you want to use when combining ROS2 and eCAL)

  • Great improvements in eCAL Rec GUI, eCAL Sys GUI and eCAL Mon CLI

  • Check out the entire 5.9.0 changelog!.

Compatibility table#

eCAL 5.9 vs. 5.8#

Wire compatibility

  • eCAL UDP: 100% compatible

  • Services: 100% compatible

  • eCAL Shared Memory: 100% compatible


  • API is downward compatible (New functions have been added)

  • ABI is not compatible


  • Rec: Somewhat compatible.

    Expect some issues when using the new (5.9) ecal_rec_cli with old (5.8) ecal_rec_gui or ecal_rec_client instances. It should be possible to mix ecal_rec_gui and ecal_rec_client instances of both versions, though.

  • Sys: 100% compatible

  • Measurements: 100% compatible

Where to download#

  • Windows: Head to the Download Archive and pick your version from there!

  • Ubuntu: Install eCAL from our PPA with apt-get (or pick a Version from the download archive as well)